Find out what your Twitter Value is, ( just for fun :-) ), and enter to win free followers and cash!

You probably got here from a link in a friend's Tweet so go ahead, get your Tweets Vanity Value and see how you compare. It's Free and Fun!

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We do not need or see your account information to calculate your Value. This is a 100% FREE service created to calculate the Vanity Value of your Tweets and the Buzz they create. We are NOT affiliated with Twitter in any way.

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What is Twit Jeet?

This is a fun way to calculate the Score of your Twitter account and encourage your followers to read your tweets and stay connected. Some people enter into friendly competitions to see who can increase the Score of their account the fastest. Your Twitter account Score will increase, as calculated by us*, when you add followers and tweet more. So be sure to be active on your Twitter account every day.

What we do
We use twitter OAuth authentication to analyze your account -- you don't have to share your password with us! We use our own algorithm to calculate your Twitter Score. We do not post to your account without your permission.

*We calculate the score of an account based on the number of followers and the number and frequency of tweets. The calculation is for entertainment and reference purposes only. No implied real value is made by Twit Jeet .

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